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Attention Seniors!

Dear Parents & Guardians:

    The following is information for you and your son/daughter regarding the requirements for Senior Portraits and additional pictures needed for next year’s yearbook. For our senior layouts, we will be showcasing your son/daughter with 4 pictures that we need from you:

1. The Senior Portrait;

2. Personality Picture 1

3. Personality Picture 2

4. Baby/Kindergarten Photo.


Senior Portrait Picture:

     In order to ensure quality, professional photos for every senior, we are requiring that all seniors have their portraits taken by Christmas City Studios. Christmas City Studios is a local, family-owned and operated photography studio; they will work with you to make sure that your photos are exactly what you want.  Christmas City Studios has graciously waived its sitting fee, so every senior can have a quality portrait in our yearbook. They offer a variety of reasonably priced packages, and they will work with you to schedule your appointment. You should be receiving information in the mail on how to schedule photos and the various packages. I highly recommend that you schedule your son’s/daughter’s senior portrait as soon as you are able, so you can get everything scheduled and taken care of before the rush. You do not need to submit the portrait to me; Christmas City Studios will provide me with the digital copy you choose.


Two Additional Personality Pictures:

     So that we can showcase each senior’s individuality, we are incorporating two additional photos. These photos can be anything that will showcase your son’s/daughter’s personality and interests: a different pose from the senior portrait photo shoot, a senior athletic activity, an extracurricular activity (like martial arts, hockey, figure skating, etc.), a hobby (like restoring cars, sewing, etc.), an after-school job, or just a candid photo with friends, family, or even pets. To submit these photos to me, you may email a digital copy to Please make sure that these photos are named with your child’s first and last name and at least 300 DPI, or they will not print well (I will let you know if I need a better photo). If you do not have a digital copy, your son/daughter can drop off the photo to my classroom (room 412) or in my mailbox in the main office; I will return the picture to your child within a month or so.  


Kindergarten/Baby Photo

     Lastly, we are asking for a photo of your son/daughter from age birth to 5 years. Since these photos will likely be prints, I ask that you write your child's full name on the back of the picture or on a sticky note that you stick to the back of the photo. Your child can drop off the photo to my classroom (room 412) or in my mailbox in the main office; I will return the picture to your child within a month or so.  If you do have a digital copy, you may email it to


    In summary, I need all photos (2 personality pictures, and a baby/kindergarten photo) by Friday, December 16, 2022. Additionally, you need to schedule an appointment with Christmas City Studios for the Senior Portrait by November 23, 2022. Christmas City Studio will share the senior photo that you chose with us. If you would like to send in 2 additional personality pictures and a baby/kindergarten photo; you submit these either via email or by physically handing them in room 412 or the main office (all photos need to be labeled). As you’ve seen with the past 2 years, the time flies by, so I highly recommend that you do this soon, so you don’t have to worry about it later.  If you have any questions or concerns, please do not hesitate to email me.


Kind Regards,

Brianna KeeneyReflector Advisor