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Injuries & Insurance


An athlete participating in the Saucon Valley School District Athletic Program is covered by accident insurance approved by the Saucon Valley School District. The insurance coverage is not intended to replace major medical coverage provided by the parent/guardians group insurance plans. Any injury must be reported by the student-athlete to the Athletic Training Staff as soon as possible. Failure to report an injury not only puts a student at risk but also reduces the likelihood of insurance coverage. Under the Saucon Valley School District insurance policy, any injury must be reported within 90 days. Under the insurance policy provided by Saucon Valley School District, the first $100 of medical expenses are paid regardless of other medical insurance. After the initial $100 of expenses, the athlete’s own medical insurance policy becomes primary. The school district’s policy will provide coverage in the absence of other valid and collectable insurance, and will pay in accordance with the approved schedule of benefits as outlined in the policy. These benefits are provided on a “usual and reasonable” basis up to the policy limits. An injured athlete who has obtained treatment may not resume athletic participation unless the Athletic Training Staff grants permission. The Saucon Valley Athletic Training Staff has the final discretion for the release of a student-athlete back to participation. Obtaining a doctor’s release for an injury for the purpose of returning an athlete to play prior to what is deemed safe by the Saucon Valley Athletic Training Staff will not be accepted. It is the intention of the Athletic Training Staff to work in concert with the physician to determine an appropriate return-to-play timeline. In addition, the health and well being of our student athletes is of the utmost importance. If the Saucon Valley Medical Staff or coach determines that an athlete is in need of emergency medical care, they will be sent to the hospital for treatment.