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April 27 - Athletic Update Concerning COVID-19

As we end the month of April, we have three significant updates for our Athletes and their families. The first concerning the status of High School Athletics in the state of Pennsylvania and new restrictions concerning our programs.   Second, two great opportunities for our athletes to continue to work at making themselves better during our down time. Lastly, an update on the current status of Fall sports in 2020.


Status of Athletics:

The PIAA has issued a moratorium on all athletic events in the state of Pennsylvania until at least July 1st. What this means is that neither our coaches nor athletes may have physical contact as a team, violate current social distancing orders, or be involved in athletic related activities until that time. This includes, but is not limited to, club activities (which should not be active either) or gatherings in local parks and recreation areas.


Coaches and athletes are encouraged to remain connected through technology, such as Zoom and HUDL, and athletes are strongly encouraged to be working out and individually improving their skills at home.


Fitness Programs:

All athletes, regardless of what season they play should be improving themselves at home. Not only will frequent workouts help our athletes physically, but will help break up the daily boredom of our stay at home order.   We have two great items to share in regards to workouts today.   First, our strength and conditioning coach, Nicole Pruchnik, has released our second fitness workout for our athletes. Second, Dr. John Graham, the head of St. Luke’s Sports and Performance Centers, will be offering Zoom workouts for athletes to be able to complete live in the homes 4 days a week.


Saucon Valley Home Workout Plan #2


Zoom Workouts with Dr. John Graham
            Mondays & Wednesdays 6:00pm
            Fridays 4:00pm
            Saturdays 10:00am

Log into Zoom using the Zoom code 397-090-3441


Fall 2020 Athletics:

At this point in time, Fall 2020 Athletics are slated to begin on schedule. August 10th for High School Football, and August 17th for all other athletes. This will obviously be updated pending our current health conditions. Our registration and PIAA Physical procedures however, will be affected. First and foremost, we will be shifting our online registration platform from Family ID to Big Teams/Planet High School. You will still be using Family ID for school related items, however, the shift to the new platform in athletics will allow for better monitoring of new PIAA regulations and will also give you more ease of use as this update will give the ability for families to submit their medical paperwork and other required papers by uploading them right at home. More information on this transition will come in the future. Our normal end of May roll out of registration however, may be delayed as we continue to monitor the COVID-19 situation. In addition, it is highly likely that our annual physical day at school will not take place due to social distancing restrictions. We are currently hoping to be able to hold some form of a physical day in early August just before Fall sports begin, however, that is not a guarantee. Because of this, families should prepare for the need to make their own arrangements for a physical with their family physician this year. Physicals for athletes MUST be completed after June 1, 2020. Fall athlete physicals should be completed between June 1, 2020 and August 2, 2020 as long as conditions allow. 2020 PIAA medical paperwork will be released near the end of May.


Lastly, a reminder to all those athletes who still have an athletic uniform at home! Be sure to keep all pieces in a safe place. A procedure for return is being planned and will be released in the future.


Stay safe, stay home!

Saucon Valley Athletic Dept.