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Student Health Statistics

Student Health Statistics  

The Saucon Valley School District is excited to launch a Student Health Statistics Dashboard with information regarding student illness, nursing office visits, attendance, and COVID cases tracked by school building.  As a school community stakeholder, we hope you find this data valuable and informative.  We will update the Dashboard on a weekly basis throughout the school year.   We will use this data as a tracking mechanism to assess the effectiveness of our services and the Health and Safety Plan.


Saucon Valley Elementary School positive cases: 15

Saucon Valley Middle School positive cases: 10

Saucon Valley High School positive cases: 41

Multi-Building Staff positive cases: 5


Number of COVID positive students across all buildings: 57

Number of COVID positive students attending in-person: 41

Number of COVID positive students attending virtually: 16

Number of COVID positive Faculty/Staff: 9


Cumulative total positive cases within the district: 71


Saucon Valley Elementary School Student Data:

01.15_2 01.15_3 01.15_4

Saucon Valley Middle School Student Data:

01.15_5 01.15_6 01.15_7

Saucon Valley High School Student Data:

01.15_8 01.15_9 01.08_10