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April 19 - High School Update on End of Year Major Events

UPDATE: 4/19 

Saucon Valley High School 

Upcoming Events


As we approach the end of the school year with uncertainty about the normal function of many of our traditional events, we will keep you informed as we continue throughout the year.  Our goal will be to address the status of events as soon as possible knowing that the current situation will require us all to be very flexible with possibilities and scheduling. Although we will make every attempt to hold our normal end of year events, the health and safety of our students, staff, and community will always take precedence in our decision making process.  Please see important information as it stands now, both specifically for Seniors, as well as all High School students.



Mrs. Gary, Mrs. Braxmeier, and Mr. Frey will be delivering lawn signs to the homes of the Seniors starting on Monday 4/20.  We will be starting our delivery on Monday morning with the hopes of seeing our Seniors (via appropriate distance) as we place a sign at your home.  We hope it lifts your spirits as many of your traditional Senior activities may not be able to take place. Since we have approximately 180 homes to visit, it will take a few days to complete, but be on the lookout for your delivery!  Come out and say hello!



The Saucon Valley High School Prom has now officially been cancelled.  With the closure of our schools it will not be possible to hold our traditional Prom any time in the near future.  We are working with our advisers concerning a possible modified event later in the summer or during the Fall when current Seniors may be home from college breaks.  Our goal at this time is to invite our current Seniors back for some sort of event in the future, but due to our unknown conditions we will wait to make those plans. 



The Saucon Valley Senior Class Trip has now officially been cancelled.  We will be working with all the companies involved with our trip to determine refunds, however, since most  are non-essential businesses, they remain closed. Once they reopen will be able to communicate more detailed information. 



The Commencement Ceremony for the 123rd Graduating Class of Hellertown/Saucon Valley High School is scheduled for Friday June 5, 2020.  The High School Administration is currently making plans for a non-traditional ceremony with social distancing measures in place.  Details concerning our ceremony will be released after all aspects of our plan are confirmed.  


Thank You, 


Tamara Gary, Principal

Amy Braxmeier, Assist. Principal

Robert Frey, Athletic Director