Welcome Back: Let's Get Connected!

  • I hope you have had a relaxing and enjoyable summer vacation and are looking forward to the beginning of the 2019-2020 school year! I am excited to begin the new school year and work with our knowledgeable teachers, amazing students, and engaged community. Our school-wide theme is “Get Connected!” based on our goals of building communication, college and career readiness, and community. 

    Building Communication
    We have upgraded the content and interactivity of our webpage and will be posting all important information through the site. The Headlines and Calendar will take you to links that provide up-to-date information. The homepage will also provide feeds to our Facebook and Twitter accounts - please follow us on social media! There will be our own Saucon Valley School District app released in the next few months that will connect users, customize information and receive alerts.

    Building College and Career Readiness
    This summer a group of our teachers participated in a Teacher in the Workplace program, visiting many businesses and learning how to connect the courses they teach, and the skills needed in the workplace.  We are building partnerships to connect students to opportunities that will need will advance their learning using problem-solving, communications and collaboration.  Teachers will be involved in professional development activities to build personalized learning to differentiate and meet individual needs.

    Building Community
    We are dedicated to building positive relationships between students and with our students and staff. Equity and Inclusion will continue to be a focus in building our school climate through speakers, special events, and daily relationships. We will also be focusing on volunteerism and connecting to the students in the Middle and Elementary schools. 

    As we begin the new school year, here are a few updates to help you to prepare...

    Facilities Update:  
    At the end of this past school year, renovation began in replacing the HVAC system in the high school. Work has continued during the summer months and is being completed in the next few weeks. We are hoping for completion and cleaning to take place before the school year begins, but our access to the building is limited until that time. We will post updates to the webpage as events arise. The auditorium is also being renovated! We have posted pictures of the new paint and sound and lighting area. New seats and carpeting will be arriving at the end of August. We hope to be able to use the facility by mid-September. 

    Construction has started on the Water Street Bridge and Easton Road is closed at Countryside Lane. Also, a reminder that Meadows Road Bridge is closed as well. These closures will cause delays in the morning and at dismissal. Please take time and traffic into account when planning your trips to the school. It is advised to look for alternate routes to avoid the high traffic areas. There will be no remediation busses running until the end of September.  

    The PowerSchool portal and Schoology app will be opened to students on Monday, August 12. Students may check their schedules by logging into their accounts. The Guidance Counselors will be sending out an invitation calendar for appointments for scheduling issues- days available will be Monday, August 19th and Wednesday, August 21st. 
    This year the schedule will include a Homeroom period at the beginning of the day. Students will report to homeroom for attendance and to receive the daily announcements.

Saucon Valley High School Principal

 Tamara Gary

Phone: 610.838.7001 ext. 2710


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Tamara Gary