Student Assistance Program (SAP)

  • In the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania, every middle school, high school, and some elementary schools have a Student Assistance Program (SAP). Your SVMS SAP team is here to help you , your friends, and parents access school and community services.

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Here's How it Works

  • 1. Fill out a SAP referral form. Every classroom has an envelope with forms inside. No one has to know that you fill it out. You will remain completely anonymous.

    2. On the SAP referral form write the student’s name who you are concerned about and why you are worried about them.

    3. Put it in the box on the wall in the pond lobby or give it to a member of the SAP team.

    4. Members of the SAP team will privately gather information about your classmate from his/her teachers and parents.

    5. A SAP team member will talk to your classmate’s parents and go over the information that’s been gathered. Your name will remain anonymous.

    6. If the parents want help, the SAP team member can offer resources so they can get assistance for their son or daughter.

SVMS SAP Team Members

  • Mr. Thomas Baldo

    Mrs. Eileen Dolphin

    Mr. Thomas Halcisak

    Mrs. Amanda Holveck

    Mrs. Maryellen Prager

    Mrs. Diana Cherrybon

    Mr. James Deegan





SAP can Help Your Classmates

  • Being a middle school student is a lot of fun for some teenagers. For others, it is a painful time and it can be a difficult three years. Sometimes your classmates’ home life may not be ideal or they may make poor choices just to “fit in” with their peers. When this happens, your classmates may start making some poor choices that could get them in trouble with the law, their parents, or school, and could be harmful to themselves. If you know that any of your classmates has gotten themselves in a situation that is dangerous or could lead to dependency on drugs or alcohol, SAP can be of assistance.

    *If you or a friend has an emergency or needs to talk to someone after school hours, call Northampton County Crisis Intervention 24 - hour hotline at (610) 252-9060.