• Attendance is taken at 7:35 AM

    Attendance procedures, for students in Grade 5 through Grade 8, will be administered through the Attendance Office ONLY. This office is located just down the hallway between the Elementary and Middle Schools Main Offices.

    This office should be used:

    • for students arriving tardy
    • when students need to leave school prior to the end of the scheduled school day
    • or for any attendance concerns

    When your child is absent from school past practice was to call and notify the school building, in which your child attended, of the absence. With the current policy of requiring a note be sent in within three days of absence and our automated call system notifying you of your child’s absence there is not a requirement to call. If you would like to call you may but it is not necessary. The All Call system will make a call to your home if you call in to report the absence or not, since the absence is unexcused until a note is received to indicate otherwise. Please send in the note within the three day window of return to school or your child’s absence will be marked unexcused.

Contact Information

  • Monday - Friday
    7:15 AM - 3:15 PM
    Phone: 610-838-7001
    Fax: 610-838-7473

    Ms. Jean Mateff
    MS / Elementary
    K-8 Attendance & Discipline
    ext. 3710