Menu and Food Information

  • The Saucon Valley School District participates in the National School Breakfast and Lunch Programs and adheres to all federal guidelines.

     What makes a school breakfast meal?

    This program is an optional, Grab and Go Breakfast that includes four components (4 items):

    1. Milk; the choice of low fat white/skim milk or flavored milk,
    2. Fruit/Vegetable; fresh fruit and fruit juice,Grains; whole grain cereal bars, bagels cereal,
    3. Meat/Protein; yogurt, eggs and meat alternatives.
    4. Popular items include; breakfast sandwiches, pancakes, muffins and cereal bars.

    In addition to the tray meal, ala carte items are available for purchase. Students must select at least three out of the four meal items to qualify as a school program breakfast meal and one item selected must be a fruit or a vegetable.

    What makes a school lunch meal?
    The lunch program is called, “Offer versus Serve.” This means that we will offer the student five meal components to make a tray meal. The cafeteria staff encourages students to choose all five items but they must select at least three out of the five components to count as a lunch meal and at least one of the components must be a fruit or a vegetable. For the best nutrition, students should choose all five components. The meals are required to provide 1/3 of the recommended daily allowance of protein, Vitamin A, Vitamin C, iron, calcium and calories. Following the nutritional guidelines, insures the balance of the five meal components, and is federally monitored as part of the school lunch program. If a student does not take at least three of the required components, they will be charged individually for each item selected.

    The five required components that are included in a lunch meal are:

    1. Meat or Meat Alternative (protein)
    2. Whole Grains/BreadFruit –variety of fruits
    3. Vegetable- including dark green, red orange vegetables and legumes
    4. Milk- low fat white skim and flavored

Cafeteria Menu Options

  • The SV Food Service Department is committed to providing healthy meals to our students and staff. Each meal is analyzed for nutrient compositions to meet the dietary guidelines for the program. Our goal is encourage every student to enjoy quality, nutritious meals served with a smile. We continue to purchase products and we serve name brands such as Jennie O, Tyson, Land o Lakes, McCain's, Idahoan, Sunny Fresh Eggs, Del Monte and we purchase produce locally from Kegels Produce Company.

    Our goal is to continue to promote students to make healthy choices through our menu selections, wellness policy initiatives, nutrition education, physical fitness activities and National School Breakfast and Lunch Week.

    The Pantheria serves up daily:

    • baked or steamed entree and menu items (nothing is fried)
    • fresh salads and salad bar options
    • fresh fruits, 100% fruit juices and a variety of canned fruits- in natural or water packed juice
    • vegetables served fresh or fresh frozen
    • whole grain pasta, rice and bread items
    • deli station with sandwiches made to order - middle and high schools
    • meatless entree options
    • Yogurts and Yogurt Parfaits
    • ala carte snacks and beverages that meet all smart snack guidelines

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