• Child Find - The Saucon Valley School District actively seeks students within its borders who appear to demonstrate characteristics of a student who is mentally gifted. To this end Saucon Valley will conduct annual data reviews to look for students who are performing significantly above age mate peers in the areas of literacy and math. This annual data review will be part of a larger universal screening process aimed at monitoring the overall performance of students and the effectiveness of our curriculum and instruction. Students who meet the established criteria will receive a dual response. First, academic teams will consider instructional adjustments that can be made in the classroom and secondly, the district will collect some more formal data to determine if the student should be considered for a full evaluation. Parents will be notified of both the collection and results of this second layer of data analysis. The timing of this annual review will coincide with the pint at which the most universal screening data is available and current.

    General Plan for Universal Screening and additional data collection:

    Kindergarten January
    Grades 1-4 November
    Grades 5-8 October
    Grades 9-12 Upon entering the district