Music Education

  • The Saucon Valley School District offers music instruction to students from Kindergarten through Grade 12. General music instruction begins in elementary school on a weekly basis. Every student in elementary and middle school takes general music. As an extension activity, Chorus is offered in the elementary school for students in grade four and throughout the middle and high schools.

    Instrumental music instruction begins in grade 4 for winds, percussion, and brass. Student recruiting for lessons is held within the first weeks of the school year. Lessons are provided during the school day in small group format using a rotating schedule so students do not miss the same class consistently. To showcase student progress and talent, concerts are presented each semester of the school year.

    Middle school student performing groups include Chorus, Camerata Singers, Concert Band and Jazz Band. These groups rehearse during an Activity Period at the beginning or end of the school day. Instrumental group lessons are offered as a pull out program and, like the elementary school, lessons are rotated so students do not miss the same class consistently.

    High School performing groups must be taken as a graded class and include Marching Band, Concert Band, Jazz Ensemble, Instrumental Music and Chorus. Jazz Improvisation is offered as an elective and open to all students. Some groups, like the Marching Band, have additional after school and summer commitments. Other groups like Concert Band meet primarily during the school day.

    Our High School also offers courses in guitar, piano, voice, musical theatre and music theory, - including Advanced Placement Music Theory. For further information regarding course content and details, please click here to access the High School Program of Studies.