• Elementary

    Using the Full Option Science System (FOSS) methodology, students engage in a constructivist model of science instruction. Important scientific concepts and processes are taught through investigations which mirror real world scientific inquiry. Specific units of study are presented serving as a foundation for more advanced understandings of concepts as students move through the grade levels. Students learn to work collaboratively in teams and use scientific tools to make observations, analyze data and draw relevant conclusions based on theory and practice. It is expected the skills and processes learned within this curriculum will transfer to other core disciplines in ways that demonstrate integration and connection of knowledge.

    Select units in Second, Third and Fourth Grades will be supplemented with the Engineering is Elementary, (Eie), curriculum. Eie supports Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics, (STEM), education and will correspond with ongoing science concepts to support and build on identified learning objectives. During Eie experiments, students will learn through the Engineering Design Process:

    • Ask
    • Explore
    • Model
    • Evaluate
    • Explain




    The complexity of science and its ever expanding breadth requires a curriculum that develops student motivation for life-long learning. In step with the Pennsylvania Common Core Academic Standards for Science and Technology, the middle school curriculum covers key concepts and critical skills in the Life Sciences, Ecology, Weather, Hydrology and Physical Sciences.

    The High School Science continuum contains courses designed to develop conceptual understanding of scientific laws, theories and principles in order for students to be knowledgeable about the natural world. Courses offered for student participation fall into the basic scientific disciplines of Physics, Chemistry, Computer Science and Biology. Upon completion of the required courses for graduation, students will find a multitude of diverse and challenging options to prepare them for further education beyond high school. For further information regarding course content and details, please click here to access the High School Program of Studies.