• The Advanced Placement (AP) Program offers college-level courses and exams that students can take in high school.  AP courses can give students an advantage in college by: 


    • The opportunity to earn college credit and placement – Your AP score could earn you college credit before you even attend college.  Certain AP scores can also help you to “test out” of introductory level classes, allowing you the opportunity to enroll in higher level courses earlier.  Click HERE to search for each specific college’s AP Credit Policy.
    • Set yourself apart from other college applicants – Seeing “AP” on your transcript shows colleges that you are a motivated student seeking to challenge yourself.  It shows your desire to engage in college-level coursework during high school.  
    • Save money and time – Earning college credits or “testing out” of a class and enrolling in a higher level course can open up time in your schedule or give you the opportunity to graduate early.
    • Keep your options open – Earning college credit through AP can give you the opportunity to study abroad, seek out internships, change majors, or pursue a double major.  

    The AP courses offered at SVHS can be found in the Program of Studies.