Tests, quizzes, written assignments, promptness in submitting work, extent of contributions to class discussion, performance in relation to level of ability and the subject teachers’ personal opinions are included in determining grades for any one of the four marking periods.


    The following “letter” system of marking is used for all subjects:


    A  - Excellent: does superior quality work; capable of independent work;

       excellent initiative and leadership; has a broad grasp of ideas

    B  - Good: does good quality work; steady, good progress; good initiative; has good grasp of ideas

    C  - Average: does average quality work;steady, but not rapid  progress; needs

    Direction and leadership;  grasps main ideas.

    F  - Failure: does unsatisfactory work; very little or no progress;  does not 

       follow directions; does not grasp main


    I  - Incomplete: some course requirements have not 

       been completed.  Upon completion, and approval of the teacher,

        the  appropriate  grade will be  recorded.  


    Numerical ranges for letter grades:


    Based on a 4.0 system of grades with A = 4.0, the following is the numerical range for letter grades:

    A+ (97-100) = 4.333      C+ (77-79) = 2.333    

    A   (93-96) = 4.000             C (73-76) = 2.000

    A-  (90-92) = 3.670             C- (70-72) = 1.670


    B+  (87-89) =  3.333           F Below 70 = 0

    B    (83-86) =   3.000                          

    B-   (80-82) =  2.670  


    REPORT CARDS (5-8)

       Report cards are issued four times during the school year. Hard copies will be sent home.

       Only the envelope needs to be signed by the parent/guardian and returned within 3 school days after the date of issuance.

    HONOR ROLL (5-8)

       A student’s grade point average includes Related Arts courses, as well as Band and Chorus.  Students with a grade of C+ or lower in any graded course will not be eligible for Honor Roll in the quarter it was earned.

       Students achieving a grade point average of 3.20 or above will be placed on the Honor Roll for the marking period.  Those achieving a 3.80 or above will be placed on the High Honor Roll. 



    Statistics have proven that regular communication between a child's parent/guardian and school staff members increases the effectiveness of the child’s education.  As a parent/guardian, PowerSchool Parent Access will allow you to view your child’s academic progress at powerschool.svpanthers.org using any internet-accessible computer 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.  Available information will include items such as: overall grades, individual assignment grades, and daily attendance.

    Parents/Guardians access the PowerSchool system by using a user ID and password provided by the school's main office for each student.  See below for directions on how to obtain a user ID and password.


    Parent/Guardian Access Directions - GRADES 5 to 12

    If you have more than one child currently enrolled in the district, each child will receive their own personal and confidential ID and password for you to access their information.  To obtain your ID and password, please visit (contact) the main office of your child’s school during regular school hours.

    To access PowerSchool, it is recommended to access through a web browser at this time. You can access PowerSchool through a web browser by logging in here.

     The following information has been shared with the students from the SVSD Technology Department:

    The Technology Department is aware that students are having difficulty with the Powerschool App on their iPads. 

    There is a work around... On the iPad, launch Safari, the web browser.  Type in Powerschool.svpanthers.org/public.  Make sure it says public in the URL, not teachers, guardian or anything else, so they are logging in to the correct portal, this is a common mistake.  They will then enter their Web ID and PW and it should work just fine.  This is a much better way to access their grades. 

      Students are required to satisfactorily pass (grade of A, B, C or C-) Language Arts, Social Studies, Mathematics, and Science. Failing more than two subjects will result in retention per school district  policy. In order to pass to the next grade, students failing one or two of these subjects must attend and pass Summer Learning Academy (SLA) at the student’s cost. SLA MAY be in the form of virtual learning via an internet course. 


    The school district provides a four week summer program to students who have failed one and/or two subjects (Mathematics, Language Arts, Science, and Social Studies). This program is designed to determine the student’s present mastery level in a specific subject area, and individually advance his/her content knowledge and skills to “catch up” and be successful at the next grade level. Students with a “marginal” report card benefit from this program by minimizing summer regression, which occurs when students vacation from the continuity and structure of the academic setting.

    Parents are invited to contact the middle school counselors for detailed information about Summer Learning Academy.