College Preparation Tips

    • Get the best grades possible in the most challenging courses in which you can be successful.
    • Maintain a rigorous schedule all four years.
    • Many four-year colleges require two years of a world language (some more).
    • Get involved in clubs, organizations and community service.
    • Take courses related to college major and career interests.
    • Students who take AP courses can take the AP exam in May of that year. They may earn college credit if they score well.

    9th grade

    • Take the Cluster Finder and Career Interest Profiler in Naviance Student.
    • Investigate the careers that match.
    • Look at the career pathways in the Program of Studies and determine your pathway and courses needed to prepare.

    10th grade

    • Attend college fairs.
    • Consider your personality, strengths and abilities and how they match careers.
    • Research careers and the post-secondary education required.

    11th grade

    • PSAT /SAT/ACT/SAT Subject Tests (see more below)
    • Complete the Strengths Explorer in Naviance Student
    • Do college search in Naviance Student
    • Do research and identify five to ten colleges to visit
    • Visit with college reps at SVHS and visit colleges
    • Prospective College Athletes - Meet with Mr. Frey for Information
    • Potential DI and DII athletes register with NCAA eligibility center

    12th grade

    • SAT/ACT/SAT Subject Tests if still needed
    • Visit colleges.
    • Apply to colleges
    • Apply for financial aid 

    College Admission Tests

    • The PSAT is given to all juniors in October. This is the practice test for the SAT.
    • The SAT and ACT are accepted by all colleges and typically required only for 4 year schools.
    • Students take the SAT in their junior year. Many take the March SAT offered at SVHS. See College Board website for all dates.
    • Students often take the SAT two times and some will take the ACT.
    • Selective schools may require the SAT Subject tests in addition. 

    Counselor Assistance

    • We meet with students in small groups every year to discuss doing your best in high school, career and college preperation.
    • We meet with students individually every year to discuss their career pathway and high school preparation.
    • We provide evening programs for parents: Senior College Info Night in September, Financial Aid Night in October, Junior College Info Night in November and PSAT score review in December.  See school calendar for dates and times.
    • We are always available to parents and students.

    Other Resources

    • Naviance Student web based program
    • Counseling website
    • College representatives visit SVHS
    • Scholarship list for seniors in Naviance


    • Students playing division I or II college athletics must register with the NCAA Eligibility Center at the end of their junior year.
    • All potential College Student Athletes at all levels are encouraged to meet with Mr. Frey for information prior to or during Junior year.