Career Planning

  • The Education and Career Plan (ECP) is a digital document that was created to help students plan and track their progress towards college and career readiness.  This is a living document that every student works on each year with the assistance of their school counselor.  By connecting college and career preparation, students will be able to Identify career interests and goals:

    • Connect career goals with specific qualifications, education, and training required for entry 
    • Outline a course plan for high school that helps to meet postsecondary education and career goals
    • Records activities and accomplishments in both college and career readiness

    In addition to the ECP students must complete state required Career Readiness Indicators:

    • "Do What You Are" and "Career Interest Profiler" surveys and post activities (Grade 9)
    • "Resume and Job Application" (Grade 10)
    • "Time Management", "Conflict Resolution" and "Entrepreneurship" survey (Grade 11)

Career Resources