• Saucon Valley High School takes very seriously the emotional health of our students.  We understand the many difficulties young people face growing up and we want to provide support as students navigate their way through high school. We offer support and services through the Counseling Department and The Caron Foundation.

    The school counselors are here to help students be succesful in high school.  We see students for many reasons:

    • In crisis
    • Peer and family concerns
    • Academic struggles
    • Mental health/Emotional support

    The Caron Foundation is contracted with our school to provide psycho-educational support groups and Behavioral Health/Drug and Alcohol assessments. 

    Caron’s Student Assistance Program offers a wide variety of support groups to help students learn to cope effectively with many common barriers to their success.  Groups help to:

    • Gain strength and understanding in a confidential setting
    • Educate with the tools necessary to thrive despite their challenges
    • Engage with peers who share their struggles 
    • Group topics include but are not limited to: anger management, stress management, resiliency, grief and loss, drug and alcohol insight, teen issues, changing families and nicotine cessation.  

    The Behavioral Health/Drug and Alcohol Assessment can be arranged if there are concerns about a student's mental health or suspicion of drug and/or alcohol use.  Recommendations for services will be given based on the outcome of the assessment.  

    There are permission forms required by both the student and parent for The Caron Foundation.

    Please contact your counselor for more information about these services.