• High school seniors may take college classes.  Below are the options available and instructions on how to enroll.  If you have further questions, speak to your school counselor.  If you play a sport, you must be considered a full-time student and can not take more than two college classes a semester.  

    1)  The High School Scholars Program

    Lehigh and DeSales offer an opportunity for high achieving students to take one class per semester tuition free in their senior year.  The applications for High School Scholars Programs can be found below.  Due dates vary by school, so please be aware of when you must have your application submitted.

    >Each college has a certain number of spots available and the college makes the decision if students are accepted.

    >When a student is accepted they must meet or communicate with their counselor to determine how it will fit into their schedule.  Be aware, your college class may interfere with classes at the high school (such as AP classes or Honors classes).  You may have to drop a preferred class at the high school to fit in your college class.  College classes DO NOT take the place of required courses at the high school.

    DeSales High School Scholars Program: It is due to Ms. Bhuiyan (nadia.bhuiyan@desales.edu) by May 3rd. Classes will begin August 21st.  (The Course Selection Guide will help with picking classes, and the Web Advisor sheet will help with registering for classes.)  The school counselor, principal, assistant principal, or teacher can be the nominator.  Once students submit their applications, the counselors will review all applications and choose two (2) students to participate in the program.  Students should contact their school counselor for further interest or help. Go to http://www.desales.edu/dualenrollment for more information. 

    Lehigh University High School Scholars Program: The deadline for submission is May 24th, by 5:00pm. All completed applications should be sent by the student to inhss@lehigh.edu. Late applications are not accepted. The student must request their counselor to submit their transcript.  The selection committee will identify up to 3 students per high school to participate in the program.  You can also complete the form electronically on Google Doc using the following link

    2) Dual Enrollment at Northampton County Community College, Penn State Lehigh Valley and DeSales University.

    Students may attend college classes at any of these schools.  Students are responsible for the tuition.  Dual enrollment registration is done on-line through their website.

    Students should email all FERPA and/or application forms to school counselors when applying for dual enrollment, as school counselors will not give students an official copy of their transcripts.  Counselors will email all official transcripts and FERPA forms directly to the colleges.  Students should also email counselors for any other required documents for dual enrollment applications.

    Students hoping to participate in a dual enrollment course should talk to their counselor before registering for classes, to make sure it will fit into their schedule for next semester.  Once a student registers for their dual enrollment class, they must send a screenshot or give a print out of the class name, section, time/days, and school to the school counselor. 

    For both options 1 and 2:

    Students are responsible for their own transportation.

    Students will receive high school credit but it will not be included in their GPA or class rank.  The college course does not count towards high school graduation requirements.

    It is the student’s responsibility to explore the transferability of these credits to the college they will be attending.

    4/15/2024: Dual Enrollment Presentation from Northampton Community College

    4/5/2024: Dual Enrollment Application for Penn State Lehigh Valley

    ***You need to complete the Penn State application online, print the form, sign the form, and send it to the school counselor to sign and send in for you (along with your transcript).  Please see a school counselor if you have any questions.  On the new application, students do not indicate the course(s) they are interested in taking. Once approved, students will receive an email from Penn State with their next steps to register for courses. Once the schedule is available they can determine which course(s), if any work with their schedule and register accordingly.