• College Athletics - The Recruiting Process - Where to Start?

    The process of continuing ones athletic career at the next level can be confusing and overwhelming.  Figuring out what level of college athletics one may be successful at as well as balancing your decision that focuses on an educational instituion that is right for you is not always easy.   In addition to questions about transcripts, SATs, NCAA Eligibility, the College recuiting process, and how to communicate with schools and college coaches, one still needs to concentrate on their academics and sports at the High School level. 

    Anyone interested in continuing their athletic career at the next level is encouraged to use the resources included here, but more importantly we encourage you to make an appointment with the Saucon Valley Athletic Office to help you with this process.  As students and parents, learn about how to begin the process and what you can do to help organize your search and ideas.  Ideally this process should begin at the beginning of a student's Junior year, however getting an earlier start is acceptable as well. 

    Please contact Athletic Director Robert Frey at Robert.Frey@svpanthers.org to schedule an appointment for information that will help you with the college search and college recruiting process for athletics.