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    • Applies to ALL grade levels. Please look at the information pertaining to your child's grade level in 2017-18
    • No more 8 month provisional status (changed to 5 DAYS)
    • Immunizations must be obtained prior to starting school 
    • Proof of SECOND MCV required prior to beginning 12th grade
    • Failure to comply PRIOR to the start of the school year could result in exclusion
    • Tdap and MCV required PRIOR to the start of 7th grade

    Open the following links for details. Please contact the school nurse for questions or concerns. Every student record will need to be reviewed by the nurses as per the new regulations. Updates may be required at any grade level. 

    School Immunization Requirements

    School immunization requirements Spanish

    Immunization PLAN




    The Pennsylvania School Law requires the results of a physical examination for all students entering 6th grade.  

    Any 6th grader who does not have either a private or school doctor exam will have a scoliosis screening done by the nurses as per the PA department of Health regulations.

    Please ask your doctor to administer Tdap and Menactra vaccines if not updated. They will be required for entry into 7th grade so it is usually best to have this done with the 6th grade physical. Please be sure 4th polio after 4th birthdate has been administered.

    Please contact the school nurse with any questions or if you would like to check if your child's exam is here or not. 


    General Information:

    Required Health Updates

    The following HS/MS grade levels require health updates as per school code:

    • Grades 6 and 11: physical examination by a physician including immunization updates. Click here for the standard form.
    • Grade 7: dental examination. Click here for the standard form.
    • Grades 6 and 7: scoliosis screening





    Emergency Action Plans

    Dear Parents,

    The nurses and staff want to keep your children as safe as possible while at school. If your child has any of the following conditions please complete the appropriate emergency action plan with your doctor and bring it to the school nurse as soon as possible. Please send in any medication (along with a completed district medication form) which is indicated as well.


Immunization Regulations

Food Allergies

  • Please click here to read our policy on Severe Food Allergies.

    Please click here to read our letter to all parents regarding Peanut Allergies.

Health Insurance

  • If your children are not covered by any health insurance plan please contact CHIP at or 1-800-986-KIDS for information on the Blue Chip Program for un-insured children, birth to 18 years.

    CHIP flyer

    Each year our school offers a very reasonable cost insurance plan, which will protect students and parents from financial burdens, which might be created by an accident in school. It will pay the medical bills within the limit outlined in the policy. 

    K‐12 Voluntary Student Accident Insurance


    The following is the link to supplemental insurance for GYM INJURIES ONLY. The policy number is US2065333.

    AG Administrators Claim Form


Contact Information

  • Maryellen Prager, MSN, RN, CSN
    HS / MS School Nurse
    Phone: 610-838-7001 ext. 2718/3709
    Fax: 610-838-5594

    Eileen Dolphin, RN
    HS / MS Nurse